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Hey! I decided to switch over to a new blog! Mostly because it has many FREE features that you have to for with WordPress. So my new blog is! thanks!


Hey, I was able to enhance my tracker quick and made it more accurate! Here it is!


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Hey everyone! This has to be a quick post so I made a tracker! I’m just starting so it’s only 70% accurate. Anyway, here it is!


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Posted on: January 14, 2009

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven’t posted! But this post is for a contest and if I win it I will get Fano’s eBook “Betas Way To Fame”! So if I do win I will be updating this site again! Ok, so here it is!

Lux1200 is a GREAT blogger! He has every a guide to every mission (which is here and always has the latest updates! He is a great roll model for all Club Penguin bloggers! He also has alot of information about Club Penguin that most blogs don’t have. Like Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force cheats which are here,   SWF Links here, The history of Club Penguin here, and Club Penguin’s famous & rare penguins here  His link to his site is . The best thing I like about him is that he actually hacked Rockhopper on his old penguin lux120 but then got banned and now he doesn’t hack. And some awesome things are that anyone will be added to his Ultimate Blogroll, has a tracker for his penguin so you can meet and chat with him, and he has this “Unlimited Buddy List so you enter some information about your penguin and every day he picks a new penguin to show on it! He also has his army called the “Lux Leprecons” which you can read about here!

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P.S. He even has Free Items, Pin, and Rockhopper Trackers! So visit his site now at!

Hey im Jt 010 I will help him with his and he asked me to make him a beta picture with him in it and here is the picture


isnt it cool I think so 🙂  well comment your answers

and go here but make sure to keep visiting here too

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Hi everyone! Sorry I haven’t posted updates, I have decided that this site will give some exculsize stuff. This is now my first post about exculsive things. There is a new trainer called Penguin Storm 2. I downloaded it, and found ids for Eilte Penguin Force (EPF) Badges. There are wood, ice, bronze, silver, and gold badges. You enter the ids (im not giving you them) and it says if you would like to recive them. If you say yes its says your banned but your really not. Also if you have beat all the missions on Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force (I forgot to tell you I got the game and beat it) you know what the badges are. Here are pics.






And for the latest cheats go to

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Hi everyone! Sorry i haven’t posted its just that ive been really busy. I got Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force! Well im too tired to type much now so full credit to Cheatgnome for the updates (well most of them).



Also i met Bike Boy93 and im going to update my Funny Pictures page soon!

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P.S. The new mission might have something to do with orange puffles!


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